Saturday, 10 May 2014

Thinking of Eco-Tourism? Think Panama

Source: Flickr There are few spots worldwide where the eco-tourist can see the eco-friendly marvels that cause by the melding of 2 huge continents and the molding of the land by the globe s two greatest seas. There s just one such location Panama. It is not a surprise that the respected Forbes Publication pointed out Panama as the best eco-tourism location for 2007. Panama is the narrow isthmus that attaches the Americas. That is simple good enough to remember, but folks often fail to remember that Panama is additionally that vulnerable strip of land that divides the Pacific Ocean from the Atlantic Ocean (through the Caribbean Sea). Nature and Wildlife Off the waters of Panama, you can watch whales cavorting along the Golfo de Chiriqui, or snorkel amongst the multicolored reefs on either sea. Tiny as it is, there are over 1,500 isles in Panama, each with its very own stretch of white-sand coastlines. You have the possibility to check out four types of sea tortoise nesting on the natio

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