Friday, 25 April 2014

Claudius Ptolemy – a mathematician, geographer and astrologer

The astronomer lived from about 100-170 CE. Very little is recognized of him, featuring where he was born. Claudius indicates person of Rome, while Ptolemy indicates homeowner of Egypt. Some sources indicate that he was a local of Rome, others that he stayed in Alexandria, Egypt. Source: Flickr He was also a math wizzard, geographer and astrologer. In a way, he was to his period exactly what Leonardo da Vinci was to the Renaissance. While many of s job has actually been refuted, his treatises on astronomy, astrology, location and music were the foundations where subsequent researchers developed their theories. The Ptolemaic system of the universe became the dominant cosmological model for centuries afterwards, and was not displaced till the seventeenth century by Kepler and Copernicus. Modern astrologers take into consideration Ptolemy as the author of one of the earliest total handbooks of astrology, the Tetrabiblos (Greek) definition Four Works. Although our company know Ptolemy did

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